May 2nd, 2006

nokia 6230 to-fix list

As promissed, here are few places where 6230 could be improved. Don't take me wrong, it is better phone than k700i, and certainly better than p910i "brick".

8 hours in charger is not enough to charge a battery -- if you keep phone loaded with GPRS/EDGE connection. (Actually, I'm probably using wrong charger; it is rated for 3.7V, so it probably is "old" nokia charger. Will try to feed nokia over 3Ohm resistor from USB port).

There's no easy way to get back from dialog like enter address -- red button puts you
directly into standby. Ouch and hiding "Go to address" in "other
options" with no history was not great idea, either. It does not even
put "old" address in there, so you can't use it as "Edit address" :-(.
Plus of course internal web browser does not display most pages
properly; still it is better than web browser in k700i. But OperaMini is still a neccessity for complex pages.

Menus suck. You can do quick movement with number keys, but there are timeouts there, and it only works if you use number keys all the way from standby. Bad. Sending/receiving SMSes sucks. Nokia does not understand delivery reports, and just puts them into your inbox. Ericsson solution (remember what you sent and show different icon for delivered messages) was batter than that. And siemens solution (just display delivery reports on the screen, only) is IMHO superior to both nokia and ericsson. And then there's poorly done selection of number to send to... ericsson actually offered list of last numbers, along with "enter number" and "search name" options. Nokia just lets you enter number, with no history. Then you send a message and it puts you back to message composing window, as if nothing happened. "Did I send that message or not?".

Oh, and of course, Nokia 6230 has no email client. They have some java thing that can't do even basic stuff :-(. No attachments, no deleting messages on server, for example. Unusable. ( is better mail client than _that_, and mujmail still needs _lots_ of work).

On positive side, 6230 can do bluetooth from java, so you can actually communicate with bluetooth gps. Navlet looks prommising...

I wish nokia used normal 3.5mm headphone jack and charged from USB... unfortuantely they have proprietary connectors for both :-(. On possitive side, radio is actually usable on 6230; mp3 player looks nice on paper, but it is so quiet that it is unusable.