April 21st, 2006

Sony Brick P910i

Yesterday I had chance to play with se p910. My brother exchanged it
with some girl for my k700i, and I got his 6230 -- expect "why 6230 is
crap" blog entry soon. Initialy, I thought that my brother ended up
with best phone after the exchange, but now I am not sure. p910 is a

That would not be bad problem, I carry zaurus c3000 with me,
but.... that brick+has symbian UIQ and its user interface sucks. I
thought that non-proportional scrollbars died with Windows 3.1, but
Ericsson (or who is resposible for software in this brick?) managed
to ressurect them.

Plus in most important place - main menu - they use tiny arrows
instead of scrollbar. It has qwerty keyboard, unfortunately with
*tiny* keys. My brother uses grafity (or how are they called today) -
thats how bad keyboard is. Software is not really keyboard aware - as
you type, suggestions flash in top right corner emulating normal

phones. It slows it so much I was able to type faster than brick
displayed text - reminding me of old t68i. It lacks hardware arrow
keys and back key is only available with lid closed. That means that
you need to use the touchscreen all the time -> no one-hand operation,
sucks for java apps, sucks for games.

(Sucks for games big way. They actually want to sell you racing game
and include demo version... but you only can play game for 2 minutes
or so before your hands hurt.)

My brother managed to get P910 into state he could not recover -- by
instaling "theme". It did not allow him anything but calling at that
point, no way to get to menu, oops. Hard-reseting that damn phone is
quite hard, you have to type 000 at pin prompt, then do up/down/*

I dialed emergency by mistake, from locked keyboard. It told me it is
calling emergency, unfortunately it did not turn on backlight, so I
could not read it.

Uff, spent hour trying to configure GPRS on this beast. Someone had
bright idea to call APN entry field "Address" in "server" tab in
"advanced" settings. Ouch.

Single mis-behaved java application makes system unusable for few
minutes. Ouch. Running web-browser slows down whole system in very
uncool way... slow brick becomes "12-seconds-to-task-switch-slow"
brick. Oh and web browser does not support tabs/background
windows. Oops.

Heh, it took me few ours to figure out that jog-dial is actually
5-button joystick. Not that up and down directions are usable... (but
that does not prevent uiq from using them).

Its grafity-like input system is actually usable. It still has few
glitches; try scrolling when input line is active. I also did not find
a way to scroll such input line -- too bad if you want to edit too
long text in an input line.

It has permanent clock-icon on the tray. It has both small and big
hand... unfortunately it does not show current time.

Did I mentioned that this brick is slow and flickers as it updates the
screen? You can see it painting, Windows 3.1 style.

All the applications I see for UIQ are either crippleware, trial or
demo versions. Oops. Ericsson even ships demo versions on CD they give
with this box...

Someone should port port Linux to it, I guess.