March 29th, 2006

OpenBSD needs money

...and that's great, but why are they angry at everyone using openSSH? Their logic seems to be "we need $100.000 for openBSD developement, and you are all bad guys because you are using openSSH but not funding openBSD". I'd say openSSH maintainance is perhaps 10% of their costs, probably less. Perhaps if Theo was asking for openSSH funding, he'd actually get some? There's quite a lot of people interested in openSSH but not caring about openBSD...

(not talking for Novell in any shape.)

Collie touchsreen userland setup

I had to add filtering to kernel... not good. It will have to be moved to tslib eventually. Anyway, here's ts.conf that somehow works with recent collie hacks:

module_raw input
module pthres pmin=300 pmax=570
module variance delta=30
module dejitter delta=300
module linear, touchscreen is still too jerky and inexact. I'll probably need to duplicate filtering from Sharp 2.4 code :-(.