March 16th, 2006

Zaurus status

I got new userland, thanks to Marcin, so that I can test touchscreen now. It works worse than it used to, oops.

I played a bit with charging. Zaurus _is_ happy to run on 5V source with battery removed. It is happy to run on li-ion battery from cellphone, connected with two wires to its battery compartment. It is _not_ happy to run off li-ion battery connected to charger port.

"Charging when it should not be"... I'm still not sure. I guess I'll turn billionton gps into li-ion charger -- they only connect li-ion battery with two wires, that is dangerous but easy to do. Someone warned me about possible data loss... no, I really don't care about data in my zaurus. It exists to get 2.6 working, and I hard-reset it regulary. I also do not have power management / sleep running, yet, so I simply unplug battery when I'm done. I also run off 5V supply without battery quite often. Sharp engineers would probably cry if they'd seen what I'm doing with poor collie (sl-5500)...