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pavelmachek's Journal
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Friday, December 23rd, 2005

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How to land boeing 737 in flightgear

I obviously played way too much with flightgear these days. There
are some very nice places to fly at flightgear.org, but
unfortunately nothing suitable for big aircraft. And I wanted to play
with 737...

KOAK -- http://www.airnav.com/airport/KOAK (37 43N / 122 13W), lets land at runway 29, NAV1 =
108.7, NAV2 = 116.8. [It is neccessary to small press button down the
screen, press ctrl-c to see it, to see distance parameter ("DME").]
Adjust both heading and course to 295 and take off. As soon as you
can, turn around (heading ~110) and fly in about 4000 (autopilot can
do this for you). Before mountains, at DME around 10, turn back to
heading of 295, and try your luck at landing. If you turn autopilot in
"app" mode, it will take care of correct altitude and heading for most
of your landing. Autopilot can also take care of your speed, turn on
"A/T" and "speed".

You should land at speed of about 160 with flaps fully extended. Turn
off autopilot at about 300 feet. Keep your nose up (around +5
deg), and control rate of descent with throttle. Your speed needs to
be around 135. There's very nice guide at

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