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pavelmachek's Journal
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Sunday, December 18th, 2005

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Nice trip to mountains... and thanks for GPE
Tom decided to go to the mountains this weekend. I was not sure
if I should join, but eventually I decided to go - nice escape from the rush
before x-=ass. Weather started
to be pretty bad, even in Prague - 70kph winds and snow.
Weather forecast was even worse: up to 120kph winds in
mountains, 40cm of new snow.

Should I stay or should I go?

We went. I was little late at the meeting point, but located the right bus
in time. First half of trip was okay... but then bus started to be afraid of
and decided to wait for swcond bus. Second half of trip was okay, too, given theconditions.

We got out of the bus and started climbing uphill, using the headlights.
Something was not right: the houses should be lit. Fortunately
weather was quite calm.
We found the right house 3km later and indeed: electricity
failed in whole area. Tom was happy tv would not be running.
Unfortunately, last 2 candles were already burning.

GSM|Eurotel failed during friday nght (probably run out of diesel :-)
and GSM T-Mobile was failed in the

At saturday we went cross country skiing to Misecky (quite a big ski-areal)
and Vrbatova bouda. No electricity at Misecky, but we got one candle
there. Good.

We asked a bit, and they said that *their* electricity should be up at ~2pm, but+that
we probably will not be that lucky.

We were not. No electricity during saturday night, fortunately
the house was meant to be heated by coal, and it was possible to cook on coal, too.
Overall, quite nice trip. I guess tom will like "Petraska' -- nearby
house where there's only electricity from diesel, on last place in
czech republic not connected to the grid.

Ouch and virtually no GSM signal there, and they are shutting old analog
network down. I don't think it has wired phone.

Oh and thanks for all the development on openzaurus/GPE. (It seems some people from that area are actually reading this). As of my wishlist with gpe-mini-browser... It would be nice if its GUI did not freeze while communicating with network. I use GPRS network, and that has a *lot* of latency. Tabs would help, too, but I realize thats quite far-fetched wish.

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