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pavelmachek's Journal
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Saturday, November 26th, 2005

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openzaurus 3.5.4-pre
...is certainly better than alpha version I was using. Console in Opie is actually usable (alpha version produced so much artifacts it was unreadable).

I even tried GPE. If I figured out how to change font size in xterm, I could actually use it. I'm not sure what browser is in there... unfortunately it had no about button. I did not figure out how to switch consoles, so I forced it with chvt, and could not switch back. Too bad, I guess I'm going back to Opie.

Did I already mention that I hate thinkpad x23's keyboard? It has nice, big space bar, which unfortunately does not work if you hit it anywhere but in the middle. Today it decided that "z" key does not work... and it is that kind where you can not just open it and clean. Rubber caps seem to be attached to the rest of keyboard.

(Oh, I should mention that zaurus's keyboard is crap, too, as it looses clicks sometimes. But it seems to get worse with system load, so hopefully it is software problem).

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