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pavelmachek's Journal
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Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

Time Event
Labs conference team building/team breaking
...was pretty nice, thanks vojtech. First part was running around Jilove u Prahy's woods, deciphering ciphers. One of most interesting was clear sheet with roman numbers, and Indiana Jones reference. We did not really know what to do with that, then we found out that "X marks the spot" was what Indiana said. Then we misaligned the map; it was little strange when second deer was hiding in place where 40 people should have been before us. Oops.

Then we went down on canoes, and we of course tipped the boat. Oops, should pay more attetion to weight on boat next time.

swsusp3/uswsusp is getting into shape. Zaurus seems to nearly work with 2.6, too; I'll need some nice userspace. That means dealing with bitbake mess... (or finding someone nice enough to produce it for me :-). For the record, pcmcia now seems to work, keyboard works. Not sure about touchscreen, it does something.

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