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pavelmachek's Journal
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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

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swsusp in userspace & horses missing features
I played a bit with swsusp in userspace today. All kernel space pieces should be there, and userland can already save and restore image. I still need to relocate pages so that they don't conflict (and of course debug that beast).

Today was the first night trip on the horseback this autumn (well, weather certainly looks like autumn here). I did not have any light with me, and that was not too good. Fortunately half-moon provided quite a lot of light (we even had shadows). Unfortunately, that horse was scared of pretty much everything, and night only made it worse.

It seems horses really should have some lights built-in. It seems that horse already had sonar built-in, unfortunately she was unvilling to share results with me. [I wonder how efective horse echo-location system is. They certainly try it, but would they be able to sense wall in their way?] Last year I was riding with LED headlight; that worked pretty well but I can no longer find it. I modified bike light (battery powered) so that it is possible to attach it to the halter (using Velcro strips), lets see how it works.

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