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pavelmachek's Journal
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Monday, August 29th, 2005

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Another day, another failed digital camera
Olympus C750 died, probably last thursday. Now it does films okay, but can't take still photo -- it is whited out. Okay, this may be attributed to fall from bike, unlike mysterious death of finepix.

I played with X32 a bit more. You need 2 hands to open its lid; that's not nice. Keyboard light is good, unfortunately I have german version of keyboard so labels are very confusing. [They put () on 89, instead of 90, etc].

Temperature sensors seem okay, current power consumption lags *a lot*, but behaves in a believable way. Lies about capacity at last charge. Power button actually works, but you need to hold it for 1 second or so. Sleep button is fn-f4 (pretty useless). Lid works. Ouch, sound volume is controlled by hardware :-( [but at least sound works]. That leaves only aditional keys "forward" and "back"; not sure how usefull they are. Video state is not correctly preserved over S3 :-(. Backlight is on, and it is on even with closed lid.

I did some power measurements:

thinkpad x32 [52Wh]
idle machine at 600MHz, min bl: 10 W
at 1.8GHz: +6.6 W
full backlight: +2 W

while true; do false; done
(min bl, 1.8GHz) 25 W
600MHz 13.6 W

..10W while in idle seems pretty good.

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