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pavelmachek's Journal
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Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

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X32 and its docking station
Today I got Thinkpad X32 to play with. Very nice machine. It came with port replicator... not that nice. Even putting machine into the dock is hard (you have to use quite a lot of force). Initially I thought removing it from port replicator is impossible. It aint so, you have just to push the button with quite a lot of force by one hand and simultaneously pull up notebook on right side, then twist notebook a bit. Ouch.

Docking station is a bit nicer... it even has its own power supply. Small trouble is that you can't eject the machine without replicator connected to AC power, and it has completely useless key that can't be just removed and stored in safe place. Oh and you need software support for ejecting this beast. Ouch.

OTOH you can put cdrom, PCI card, 4 pcmcia cards etc in it, so at least it is usefull.

For the "best abuse of sysfs" contest -- IBM extras come with embedded help text. Where is "one value per file"?

pavel@amd:/proc/acpi/ibm$ cat dock
status: docked
commands: dock, undock

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