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pavelmachek's Journal
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Monday, August 8th, 2005

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Where to put GPS on the horseback?
I did few experiments with GPS on the horseback. GPS tends to work... if you hold it in your hand. That is slightly tiring, and very dangerous unless you have very good horse. [But it is interesting to see current speed in kph :-)]. Not practical for whole ride.

Billionton GPS takes quite long to get initial lock -- like forever if moving through woods in gallop; it needs 40 seconds clear view on sky and that just does not work => it would be good to keep it turned on somewhere it can view satellites. I tried saddle bags, but it lost signal, and I was afraid that I'd loose it. I placed it next to horn on western saddle, but it lost lock, too [but it does not bounce that much and was easier to remove from bag and place back]. I even placed it between the horses ears (where would be better view of sky), but a) it was "interesting" to place it there and retrieve it without unmounting and b) it generated some puzzled looks. I should have taken photo of that one.

So I am still looking for good solution: where to put GPS while on horseback? Suggestions welcome.

Billionton GPS is really crap, so compass is almost mandatory when using it. Old military compass basically does not work when horse is walking, too bad. Fortunately I got sport compass, and that seems to work very well. Good.

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