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pavelmachek's Journal
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Sunday, July 31st, 2005

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Zaurus fun
Zaurus starts looking more and more like normal computer. I got LCD frontlight working, and now I found out that zaurus indeed *can* run without battery, only its patches 2.4 kernel will not allow it to. Of course, my 2.6 kernel knows nothing about power (and with frontlight, it drains battery quite fast), and it runs okay from AC, with battery removed. Good, at least I will not kill the battery that way. [But I may be killing backup battery; not sure; it is probably dead already]

OTOH I'll need to get charging to work, anyway, because flashing machine just to get battery charged is not fun. (But maybe I can run it from 4 AAs :-) -- I already have cable for that.

As a side note, on gsm list someone told me that nokias need 8V to charge. Bad, that means complex electronics to charge from usb :-(.

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