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pavelmachek's Journal
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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

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Zaurus hacking and old zauruses
I did some zaurus hacking in past days; then I found out that rmk has way newer version of ucb1x00 and rebased my patches on that. I also met one of the ugliest code in my life - zaurus battery charging one. I got it partly under control (but still did not dare to test it; angry lithium-ion battery could be quite dangerous (to my zaurus at least).

That brings me to quetions... is there any tester willing to play with 2.6 on his zaurus? Or is there some old zaurus you don't need any more? Or even some new zaurus you don't need any more? :-). Uh, and if there's someone actually able to build initrd for zaurus... it would be nice to get version without that ugly one-minute delay because I'm running "wrong kernel". Of course I am...

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