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pavelmachek's Journal
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Thursday, April 21st, 2005

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I got skype working... It works surprisingly good over EDGE. Of course, latency is just horrible, so it is more "push-to-talk" without need to push.... and it is hardly usable for normal conversation. (I expected it not to work at all.....)
Updates... nokia 6230 mp3/wav support
I got wgs64 to s-jtsk conversion from few places, with permission to GPL it... Good. Now all I need is someone to hack qgis --display X,Y,zoom_level options....

I played a bit with java on 6230... The language is pretty ugly, forcing me to do stuff like try { } except (ex) { } with exception being ingored just because compiler is too paranoid. Bad. On plus side I made it produce sounds (so mujmail now has "wait for new mail, then tell me" mode), but all it could produce was midi or simple tones. Is there easy way to force it to play mp3 (or wav? but that would probably be even harder)...

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