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pavelmachek's Journal
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Monday, April 11th, 2005

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Novells web system is piece of ****
I was forced to two different usernames, and 5 different passwords by now. All with strange rules such as "at least 6 characters long, must contain numbers, may not contain word "Novell"". And then they send you html email with "your password is about to expire, please click here"... If I wanted to phish for some passwords it would be very easy. Of course I wrote those passwords down, I'm not going to memorize 5 different passwords just because some paranoid idiot feels better that way. Oh and then you have "secret question / secret answer", no limits on characters, can be used to reset passwords.... Obviously they don't care about security. And they actually try to spam you when you create your account "receive notifications" checkbox is on by default. Plus you must provide your phone....

In the emails they tell you not to complain (actually complain to helpdesk, except there's no helpdesk). Ouch.

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