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pavelmachek's Journal
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Sunday, April 10th, 2005

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EDGE detected in my place
Suddenly, network started feeling too fast (while testing 6230). I did some quick computations, and they were too good to believe -- 16KB/sec on GPRS. Then I confirmed it by 15KB/sec average download. So it seems that Eurotel now has EDGE in my home. Good, very good.

BTW I started to like nokia's FM radio. It is actually usable (unlike that on ericsson k700) -- you can actually activate it using voice command, and then you can select stations by simply pressing button on hands-free. On k700 radio can not be controlled without taking phone out of your pocket -- that means it can't be controlled, period.

Also nokia (by some magic, or probably software bug) can access network while computer is connected over its GPRS. (I wonder how it works, two machines, one network connection, no NAT?!) That means that you can check mail on phone while computer is doing some downloads. Nice.

[As a side note MujMail now works on 6230, and is actually better than nokia's client. Which is very easy... I'll have good reasons to develop MujMail now.]

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