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pavelmachek's Journal
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Saturday, April 9th, 2005

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More Nokia rants
Nokia was so kind and put e-mail client into 6230. Unfortunately, it is very poorly integrated with the rest of system... It actually asks you for permission before communicating with network because they did not mark java program "trused". What's worse, that client does not really allow deleting of mails, making it unusable. Oh well, good reason to do some more mujMail development.

On the plus side, you can select any melody for incoming SMS (which ericsson was not able to implement, yet :-(; plus ericsson uses same melody for incoming email and incoming SMS, which is *really* annoying).
6230 has some nice features, too
Its web browser is good enough to post entry on livejournal. Good. It also renders slashdot in almost usable way. Synchronization with mobical started to magically work. Unlike k700, you can actually activate radio by voice command. Nice.

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