pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

Most mobile phones are crap...

..but until reading David's review of Motorola SLVR (, I did not realize how crappy modern cellphone *can* be. I considered Ericsson k700i to be bad phone because of missing numbers in menu entries, headset unable to change FM radio stations, missing EDGE, inability to control bluetooth from java, short battery life, unusable keypad tones, poor mechanical construction, labels falling off... not realizing things can be much worse, as with mentioned Motorola.

I guess I'll avoid motorola now, at least until they release Linux-running cell-phone with regular keyboard. I guess such critical reviews should be put into wiki somewhere (wikipedia-style), so single site can be consulted to find out whether your next cell phone has fatal problems or only annoying problems... Probably such wiki already exists somewhere?
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