pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

Motorola Droid 4 is now usable

23.4.2018, around 12:34... I realized how unix ttys are sabotaging my attempts to send SMS.. and solved it. So now I have Motorola Droid 4, running 4.17-rc1 kernel, with voice calls working, SMSes, data connection, GPS working and have some basic GUIs to control the stuff. WIFI works. Screen locks, and keyboard map still could be improved. Battery life will probably will not be great. But hey, its a start -- I have GNU/Linux working on a cellphone. More precisely Maemo Leste, based on Devuan, based on Debian. Sure, some kernel patches are still needed, and there's a lot more work to do in userland... Today, Microsoft sold out last Windows Mobile phones. I guess that's just a coincidence.
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May 27 2018, 14:11:44 UTC 1 year ago

Congratulations - amazing work! Can't wait until the Droid 4 installation intructions are ready. Unless it's beyond my understanding to install it, then I'll be using using this the first chance I get...
Installing it should not be hard; there's short description at .


May 29 2018, 19:02:56 UTC 1 year ago

Thanks. If you get a moment, could you give me a few pointers please?

- I don't have an SD card, so I was hoping I could create a new rom slot in safestrap and use that. Would that work, and if so, how would I get the image onto the rom slot?
- Do I apply the all the patches after first boot up using 'patch < whatever.patch'?

Sorry, and thanks again.


June 4 2018, 14:56:58 UTC 1 year ago

Hi again,

You were right - with an uSD card, installation is very easy, so please ignore my installation questions.
I'm still not sure about patches though, and whether I just need the 18 listed on the link you gave me to have everything working like you?
I guess I'll have to wait for an official announcement instead of hassling you!

Congratulations for installing it.

You may want to contact me over email, address is in MAINTAINERS file in kernel sources...

..because I'm not sure what 18 patches we are talking about. After installing Maemo Leste, you may want to switch to v4.17 kernel patched for audio calls, but best way to get that kernel is using git.