pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

Hey Intel, what about an apology?

Hey, Intel. You were selling faulty CPUs for 15+ years, you are still selling faulty CPUs, and there are no signs you even intend to fix them. You sold faulty CPUs for half a year, knowing they are faulty, without telling you customers. You helped develop band-aids for subset of problems, and subset of configurations. Yeah, so there's work around for Meltdown on 64-bit Linux. Where's work around for Meltdown on 32-bit? What about BSDs? MINIX? L4? Where are work arounds for Spectre? And more importantly -- where are real fixes? You know, your CPUs fail to do security checks in time. Somehow I think that maybe you should fix your CPUs? I hearing you want to achieve “quantum supremacy". But maybe I'd like to hear how you intend to fix the mess you created, first? I actually started creating a workaround for x86-32, but I somehow feel like I should not be the one fixing this. I'm willing to test the patches...

(And yes, Spectre is industry-wide problem. Meltdown is -- you screwed it up.)
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January 24 2018, 15:12:33 UTC 12 months ago

The above 100% right, but I won't expect an apology from any corporation, until they are forced by a court to do so..
I keep fingers crossed for your efforts in developing a 32-bit fix.
Well, some companies do behave better than that. Anyway, if it takes court to force them, then court should happen.

Oh and, 32-bit fix now works. Credit goes to Joerg Roedel from SUSE.


January 25 2018, 09:56:36 UTC 12 months ago

Hi Pavel,

Do you have an idea in which kernel version is it going to be released? It seems that so far that in each branch 4.15, 4.14, 3.16,3.18,3.2 the requirement of page isolation option in the kernel is a 64-bit.
You may want to google the patches. I don't think they'll make it into v4.15, more like v4.16. Not sure about backports... you may want to help :-).
You are saying "selling faulty CPU" like it's something bad. If people want to by faulty CPU, why Intel should resist those demands?
Intel knew CPUs were faulty for half a year. Their customers did not. Still, Intel kept selling them. ... I don't believe that's ok.