pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

Google play store playing with GPS?

Microsoft broke my father's computer: it made him update to Windows 10, when Windows 10 can not use two of 3 USB ports. Ouch.
Now it seems Google is trying to break my LG E720 cellphone. I did the right steps: it is running Cyanogen. One method is "we have great update for google Talk". Unfortunatelly, update is 20MB or more, basically filling internal flash and making phone unusable. And you can't disable update completely, you can only avoid clicking on it.
Now, Google seems to have invented new method of breaking my phone: Google Play Store started activating GPS. It does it on background. I tried downgrading to factory version of the play store, and not accepting its terms and conditions, but somehow I think it will come back.
Google Play Store definitely behaves like malware now. Unfortunately, on Android, it is hard to tell if malware-like behaviour is intentional by Google or if I have some third-party malware on the phone, too.
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July 19 2016, 11:19:36 UTC 3 years ago

why do you use google play store on the phone ?

use racoon !

Well, I'm basically trying to get rid of anything Android, but yes, that one looks useful.


July 20 2016, 20:08:53 UTC 3 years ago

And also when location services started google store gps searching block access to gps for navigation apps till find locations. Google store must be kill to allow access to other apps


September 14 2016, 21:55:58 UTC 2 years ago

I can confirm. HTC ons M7 - stock - up to date.
Sinds a few weeks I experience the same behaviour. GPS constantly trying to get a fix, battery draining, blocking other apps to use GPS, killing Google Play Store brings everything back to normal.
No solution found.
So it must be something with Google play. I see more people having this issue, different devices, different Android versions, latest Google Play.