pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

pypy: suprisingly good

Using python for weather forecasting was a mistake... but it came with some surprises. It looks like pypy is as fast as gcc -O0 on simple correlation computation: (and pypybench.c). gcc -O3 is twice as fast, and plain python2 is 20x slower (or 2000% slower). Python3 is 28x. slower. That's better than I expected for the JIT technology.

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April 11 2016, 14:22:14 UTC 5 years ago

I would like to say using CPython was a mistake :-)

Anyway, we're working on the remaining 2x, if you care
Thanks for that, and hey, good luck with that!

Actually, the remaining 2x would be nice... or make it 3x, JIT can be faster than ahead of time compiliing :-)... but there are more pressing issues:

numpy, arm, python3.

I did switch the weather forecast code to numpy, and I'm not looking forward to switching it back. Plus, it is slow on PC, but still usable (like, 30 seconds to do forecast?). It is unusable on arm (like, 15 minutes to do forecast 15 minutes in future). And yes, one day I'd like to switch to python3, as it is better language.