pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

N900: Found a way to do rotation in X

...which is needed for control by single hand. Unfortunately, xrandr refuses to rotate on N900 for some reason, so I'm doing Xephyr and
then xrandr.

...and looking for better ssh.

Sitting at the train, ssh-ing from laptop to phone, with second phone providing hotspot (okay, I do feel a bit silly). Now... this does not work too well. First, I had to manually copy the IP address, and second, I did not really verify the ssh key. And as IP address changes, I'd have to do it each time. Better solution would be welcome.
I want to connect to my phone, no matter what IP address it has. If possible, I'd like the keys to be checked during connection, too.


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January 5 2016, 11:41:12 UTC 5 years ago

I think, this is what you want:


January 5 2016, 19:23:13 UTC 5 years ago

The Mobile Shell "Mosh" ( will do exactly what you need to replace your SSH.


January 6 2016, 07:09:12 UTC 5 years ago

* Install IPv4LL/zeroconf/avahi-autoipd,
* add "Host *.local CheckHostIP no" to ~/.ssh/config,
* connect using ssh laptop.local,
* forget about copy and pasting IPs. :)