pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

N900 progress... and roadblock

Ok, developing directly on target is easy... and phone is now in much better shape. I added watchdogs, so I'm no longer afraid to let it run debian for extended periods of time. Voice calls work, but audio quality is awful/unusable.

Developing directly on target also has problems:'

remote: error: object c86cce9eda127cd891a7cf2d23e007deaddf4d34: badTimezone: invalid author/committer line - bad time zone
remote: fatal: Error in object

pavel@n900:/my/tui$ git show c86cce9eda127cd891a7cf2d23e007deaddf4d34
error: object directory /data/l/clean-cg/.git/objects does not exist; check .git/objects/info/alternates.
commit c86cce9eda127cd891a7cf2d23e007deaddf4d34
Author: Pavel <>
Date:   Wed Dec 31 23:59:43 1969 +35150858

Fun. I wonder what happened there, if it is going to happen again, and if I can fix it somehow...

Happy New Year!

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January 2 2016, 14:25:43 UTC 5 years ago

Wed Dec 31 23:59:43 1969 is "-17", otherwise known as -EEXIST.
Ok, yes interesting. I wonder what went wrong there.


January 2 2016, 21:20:55 UTC 5 years ago

What kernel are you running on it?

Do you have a page with a fuller picture of what your goal is?
Currently I'm using 4.1 kernel for phone experiments, but I have 4.4-rc running, too. My goals? Useful Debian running on Nokia N900. Then I'd like to get phone calls running and reasonable standby time. And then, I'd like best cellphone in the world :-).


January 5 2016, 21:25:12 UTC 5 years ago

(Urg, I think your captcha ate my comment)

Ok, I ask bc i'm still running maemo on my n900, but if there's room for a community effort for new kernel+userspace I'm game!
Actually yes, help would be nice. Can you compile your own kernel, and deboostrap your own distro? Oh and you do have second phone you can use for a .... while? Can you contact me on email?

cat /data/l/linux/MAINTAINERS | grep Pavel

(And try again here if I don't reply... spam filters...)