pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

Airline industry: treating people as cattle even before boarding

At October 2nd, I'll be presenting on workshop on Linux development on Altera Socfpga boards. And, well, that means I should get there, right? I wanted to fly there. I know I'll be treated like cattle on airports, and there's little I can do about it... (Well, Ruzyne is still better than Heathrow. Signs "insulting staff is a crime" are sure sign that you'll be treated in a way that will make you want to insult them.) But I expected that buying the ticket should be easy and painless process. After all, money is going their way, and they do a lot to explain they may not actually transport me for a wide variety of reasons (including improper clothing).

Seems like I was wrong. I guess you should never try to buy airline ticket on friday, and that is not as solid as I thought they are. When I wanted to hit "pay" button (after having window with reservation open for a while), I got dropped back to "main" menu, with no way to get back to payment page. Not a problem, I had instructions for money transfer open... so I just asked mbank to transfer the money. Bad idea, it seems. I got call explaining that this way money will not make it till Monday, and that price may chance on Monday.

So now I have no money, and no guarantee of airline ticket. Thanks a lot, studentagency.

I wonder if it is good idea to try to reserve another ticket, so I have backup in case of it does not work out, or if it will only increase my chance of not getting the ticket....
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