pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

Android 2.2 on G1 (HTC Dream)

Ok, Cyanogen offers that, and it is quite nice and very quick... as long as you don't launch any applications.

Using just one or two applications is okay, but when you launch more than that, it starts to be really horribly slow. As in "I'm now waiting two minutes for characters to echo in local shell". Unusable.

Should the OOM killer trigger and kill unused applications at this point? Or is just Android 2.2 too big for old device like HTC Dream, and I should go back to Android 1.5?

(I have an application that needs Android 1.6+ unfortunately, and IIRC Android 1.6 was even worse than Android 2.2 on Dream -- it was not even quick after startup.)
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