pavelmachek (pavelmachek) wrote,

Yachting on Ari

Sailing in chroatia was fine... everyone survived. We went on Palagruza island on my first trip as a skipper. One odd thing was that Garmin GPS actually showed Palagruza island shifted by about 200 meters. Rest of places seemed to be ok...

Oh, and one day we tried to rescue inflatable dingy (unsuccessfully). I guess that's why Queen Victoria refused our offer for help on the next day ;-).

Unfortunately, my HTC Dream (aka T-Mobile G1) did not seem to survive the sailing. Screen blanks after few seconds of use. If I leave it in hot car, screen will blank after few minutes of use. I guess there's some salt inside...?

So I got Nokia n900 to play with. It is a bit big, but at least it has X running there.
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